The Solo Selling Art

Topics: Surakarta, Central Java, City Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Solo Selling Art

Solo (or Surakarta), one of big cities in Indonesia which is located in Central Java has showed its outstanding progress in developing and managing the city. June 22-24 2010 was the first time for Solo City to be chosen as the host of Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference on Housing and Urban Development (APMCHUT). Apparently, Solo was being opted due to its clean and lovely environment as well as sufficient accommodation facility such as airport. Admittedly, during these few years regional government of Solo has attempted to bring back the city title which once recorded, as the best city and park management in Asia. The so-called best practices implemented in the region are dominated in humane relocation and empowerment of street vendors. As recorded in UN Habitat, Solo has experienced significant improvements since 2005, when Joko Widodo started his tenure as the Solo mayor. The best practices owned by Solo have successfully brought a huge amount of value added toward the city. Human relocation action consists of slum alleviation, construct society-based sanitation, and restructure Bengawan Solo banks becoming park and urban forest. Meanwhile the practices which aimed to empower the street vendors are among others: relocate cadgers (street vendors) and revitalize traditional markets. This excludes an outdoor promotion hold by the resident annually which is aimed to attract the tourists both domestic and international toward Batik namely Solo Batik Carnival (SBC). In overcoming the urban problem, the city government tried to implement social intervention by direct approach to people related with the problem. When dealing with slum population and cadgers for instance, the government never used the police to curb them. Instead, the Mayor met them frequently to discuss the exact solution they want. Not to force them to move or to be willing to be reallocated, but to understand what the people need and want before eventually formulate the best...
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