The Social Web

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The Social Web
Frances Luckett
INF 103

A. Different Uses for Online
B. From Then Til Now
II. The Advancement of Social Interactions
A. The Creation of The Social Web
B. Becoming a Way of LifeMy Siblings
III. The Lives of Social Web Users
A. Special Interest Websites
IV. New Features


The Social web encompasses how websites and software are developed to support social interaction. Together we will explore how the Social Web has changed our lives forever. The Social Web

The term "social Web" was coined by Howard Rheingold for this network in 1996; Rheingold was quoted in an article for Time magazine on his website "Electric Minds," described as a "virtual community center" that listed online communities for users interested in socializing through the Web, saying that "'The idea is that we will lead the transformation of the Web into a social Web'". The social Web developed in three stages from the beginning of the '90s up to the present day, transforming from simple one-way communication web pages to a network of truly social applications. During the "one-way conversation" era of online applications in the mid '90s, most of the nearly 18,000 web pages in existence were "read only", or "static web sites" with information flowing exclusively from the person or organization that ran the site; although the web was used socially at this time, communication was difficult, achieved only through individuals reacting to each other's posts on one web page by responding to them on their own personal web page. These online social interactions form the basis of much more than Facebook. It is also used for online shopping, games, education, networking, and so much more.

In today's technology you can buy a new dress, and talk to family members in another state at the same time thanks to sites such as Ebay and Facebook. As people's activities on the Web and communication increase, information about their social relationships become more available to others all around the country. Social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook gives others the opportunity to contact each other with persistent human-friendly names We have hundreds of millions of people using the Internet, and equally the amount of people using other Social sites to stay connected with their friends, family members. We have those that love to share all types of user-created contents, such as covers, tweets, blogs, photos from their computers, laptops, tablets, and even cell phones. By the end quarter in 2008, Facebook reported 67 million members, MySpace occupied 100 million users, Youtube had more than 100 million videos and 2.9 million user channels, and these numbers are consistently growing. The social Web continues to reinventing itself over and over again. The bottom line is these social websites have become our new way of life.

|Social Web Users by Year 2008 | |Facebook |MySpace |Youtube | |67 Million |100 Million |100 Million |

I can remember growing up during a time when we talked to our friends and family members either by mail or by phone, but we are now in the age of the “computer”. The use of the computer has been growing at a tremendous speed. Almost every home in America owns at least one computer. Since coming on the scene, there have been many other software programs added toward the advancement of social networking. I found that in the mid '90s, Amazon and other pioneers made great progress in advancing online social interaction by discovering how to link databases to their web sites in order to...
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