The Social significance of Forbes

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  • Published: December 7, 2013
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9. 福布斯富豪榜的社会意义
The Social significance of Forbes
在新的富豪排行中,我们看到,年轻的、高学历富豪正在冒出,那些创造出最富有的富豪的行业,排前的是高科技产业,比如网络、生物科技等。因此,新的排行榜的出现,有助于消减中国社会的浮躁情绪,特别是对中国年轻一代人,将会起到刺激和激励的作用。 In the Forbes, we see young and highly educated rich are emerging. And the industries which create richest millionare are high-technology, Network, biological science and technology, etc. therefore, the new list helps to reduce the Impetuous mood of Chinese society, especially the young generation. It will stimulate and encourage them.

其次,中国富豪生存的社会环境变得比较透明。现在的富豪处于中国加入世贸后,走向法制社会的进程当中,富豪们旗下拥有的上市公司,受到社会的监督,富豪得以在更规范的社会环境中创造自己的事业,因此,富豪们理所当然地得到了社会的尊重。 Second, the society Chinese millionares live becomes transparent. After join the WTO, China is in the process to legal society. The listed companies owned by rich millionares are supervised by society so that the rich can create their career in a more normative enviornment. As a result, the rich are respected.

报道还指出,中国富豪的排行榜,已经越来越具有国际意义。换言之,与美国等发达国家比较,富豪们是有共性的,比如,美国首富比尔盖茨,是高科技奇才,而中国的首富丁磊,也是来自于高科技领域,同样年轻有为。所以,在谈论富豪排行榜的时候,社会应当更多地关心富豪们的人格特征和心理素质,而不是他们拥有多少财富。 The report also indicates that the Chinese rich list has International significance. In other words, comparied with other developed countries like US, the rich millionares share something in common. For instance, the US richest man Bill Gates and Chinese richest man Ding Lei both come from high-tech area, and both young and promising. So when speaking of rich list, the society should care more about the personality and psychological quality of them, not how much money they have.

根据观察,富豪们不愿意谈论自己,另一个原因,就是有些富豪深知,成功不完全取决于自己,这种谦虚的品质,正是富豪走向成功的一个重要原因。一些富豪当初就是几个人一起出来创业,而事业累积成大规模以后,必须有团队的力量才能运转。 According to the reseach, the rich are not willing to speak of themselves. Because they know the success is not only depend on them. And the humility is another important reason. Some of the millionares started their career by several people, when it became bigger and bigger, it need the power of teamwork.

10. 中国制造业企业目前面临的困难是什么?
What difficulties Chinese manufacturing enterprises are faced with? 2011年,中国的制造业呈现出连续下滑的态势。汇丰制造业PMI指数在去年12月为48.7,连续两个月保持在50以下;整个四季度PMI平均创下09年一季度以来的新低。 In the year of 2011, Chinese manufacturing continued to slide. HSBC manufacturing PMI index in the last decenber was 48.7, lower than 50 in two months in a row. PMI was the lowest since the first quarter of 2009 in the average of the entire four quarters.

首要的压力来自生产成本的上升,这包括劳动力和原材料等。有分析称,企业销售增长必须达到13%左右才能消化用工成本的上升。此外,原材料和能源价格恐怕也是制造业企业必须面临的问题。能源方面,中国石油进口依存度继续创出新高,在2011年更是首次成为煤炭净进口国,这种格局强化了中国制造业综合成本对国际市场的依赖,而在石油供应不稳定因素增多、全球齐开印钞机的背景下,大宗原材料价格恐怕会得到极为有力的支撑。 The primary pressure comes from the rising production costs, including Labor and raw materials. It is said that The sales growth of company has to reach 13% in order to balance the rising labor costs. Besides, Raw materials and energy prices would be the problems faced by manufacturing enterprises. China's oil import dependency continues to grow and first became the coal importer in 2011. This situation intensified the dependency of China's manufacturing industry comprehensive cost on international market. Due to the background of Increase unstable factors of oil supply and inflation, Commodity prices would get very strong support.

第二个压力则源于国内外需求的放缓。制造业是中国出口的支撑,但欧债局势不仅没有得到有效缓解,反而有发展成长期问题的趋势;美国虽然复苏情况相对较好,但也是如履薄冰,任何风吹草动都可能让形势逆转。在国内,随着房地产调控的持续,市场对政策微调直至放松的预期在增强,这时不能排除有持币待购的可能,而这也会对消费产生迟滞作用。 The second pressure comes from the slowdown of demand at home and abroad. Manufacturing industry is China's export support, but The European debt situation not only failed to relieve, but has the trend of becoming Long-term problems. Although the recovery situation of US is relatively good, any change would be reversed. In china, As the continuing real estate regulation and control, market regulation is enhancing. At this time we can't exclude the possibility that has cash to buy, it’ll produce hysteresis [,hɪstə'riːsɪs] effect on consumption....
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