The Social Network Compare and Contrast

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  • Published: October 16, 2012
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Jessica Milan
ENG 103
Compare and Contrast

The Social Network Compare and Contrast
Everyone has that friend where they are really close yet they are completely different people, kind of like oil and water. They can have similarities but even they're similarities are a little different. That is the relationship between Mark Zuckerburg and Eduardo Saverin, Founder and Co Founder of Facebook, and bestfriends. Mark and Eduardo have many differences but they also have similarities. They are similar and different in the way that Eduardo is social and Mark is not, Mark can be naive and Eduardo is cautious, they both are emotional people, and they both defend each other. To begin with, Eduardo and Mark are different because Eduardo is not a very social person and Eduardo is a social person. Mark can be rude and blunt about what he has to say, he doesn't lie. The very beginning of the movie is a perfect example of his lack of social skills. In the beginning of the movie he has a girlfriend and they are talking about how he wants to get into a final club at his school. She talks to him about which one is the easiest to get into and right away he becomes offended as if she's implying that he can't get into a more difficult one. He begins to insult her and her intelligence basically telling her that she isn't as smart as he is. Another example is after he insults her she breaks up with him and leaves him at the bar to go home. He rushes home and starts blogging about all the things that are wrong about her. He calls her mean names, makes fun of her, and revels embarrassing details about her. This shows just how much his social skills are lacking. Eduardo on the other hand is a very social and likeable person. Eduardo makes friends easier than Mark does. One example is Eduardo got accepted into the Phoenix Club which is the one Mark wanted to get into. Those clubs consist of many social events and getting to know a lot of people. For Eduardo that's easy because during the first steps of getting into the club he knows all of his facts and sort of impresses the leader. In addition to, they are also different because Mark can be gullible and impulsive while Eduardo can be cautious and considers the consequences. Mark can be gullible because in one of the scenes he totally falls for Sean Parker's charm. In the scene where they first meet Sean Parker its easy to see that Mark believes every word he says and is also willing to do whatever he says. In that same scene Eduardo questions everything he says and doesn't want to give into what Sean Parker has to say. Its easy to tell that Eduardo is doubting him and pointing out all the things that have gone wrong with what he's done so far. An example of Mark being impulsive is when he hacks the school and sets up the face match up page. He doesn't even think about what the outcome and the consequences while he's doing that, he doesn't even really seem to care either. Also in the same scene again, Eduardo shows he does think of the outcomes and consequences when he asks Mark if he really wants to do the face match up page. He thinks about what people will think and how they will react to the page they are creating. Moreover, Mark and Eduardo are also similar to each other because they are both emotional people. They both show their feelings openly and its clearly shown when In the scene where Erika breaks up with Mark his emotional side shows up when he goes home and blogs about her. He doesn't think about how much he will hurt Erika's feeling because he's so angry at the moment. Another example of is when Eduardo freezes up the bank account and Mark doesn't like that at all. When Eduardo does that Mark cuts Eduardo's share and basically takes him off as the co founder of Facebook. An example of Eduardo's emotional side is when he goes to California to help Mark with Facebook and sees Sean Parker and the things they were doing. When Eduardo walks into that he gets really angry, tells Mark...
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