“the Social Impact on the People of Purok Abestilla and Purok Bagong Lipunan, Mahayahay, Iligan City After the 2011 Fire Incident”

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Chapter 1
This study describes how impact conditions act together with event-specific conditions to produce a disaster’s social impacts. These disaster impacts can be reduced by emergency management interventions. A disaster occurs when an extreme event exceeds a community’s ability to handle with that event. Understanding the disaster’s impact is important. Information from this study is needed to identify the impact conditions that make communities exposed to disaster impacts and information about this can be used to identify specific segments of each community that is affected excessively (e.g., low income households, ethnic minorities, or specific types of businesses) and can be used to identify the event-specific conditions that determine the level of disaster impact.

Social impacts include psychosocial, demographic, economic, and political impacts, can develop over a long period of time and can be difficult to assess when they occur. Despite the difficulty in measuring these social impacts, it is however important to monitor them, and even to predict them if possible, because they can cause significant problems for the long-term functioning of specific types of households and businesses in an affected community. A better understanding of disasters’ social impacts can provide a basis for preimpact prediction and the development of unforeseen event plans to prevent adverse consequences from occurring.

Over 80 percent of these deaths have occurred in off-campus occupancies, such as rented houses and apartments. A compilation of the fatal fires is available. Common factors in a number of these fires include: Lack of automatic fire sprinklers, missing or disabled smoke alarms, and careless disposal of smoking materials, impaired judgment from alcohol consumption.

According to Robert F. Duval, Senior Fire Investigator, National Fire Protection Association, fires resulting in large losses of life in assembly occupancies have been occurring for hundreds of years. In the 19th century, theatres were the most common assembly location where major fires resulting in large numbers of fatalities occurred. Common contributing factors in these fires were lighting candles, gas lamps, or electric stage lights igniting combustible materials on or near the stage; inadequate, blocked/locked, or poorly designed way out systems; and combustible interior finish.

In connection to this, last September 11, 2011, Brgy. Mahayahay, Iligan City at round 1:40AM, a horrifying calamity had happened in the said area. The survey says that 200 houses were burnt. The fire was declared a general alarm to bring all available fire fighting units to the area and prevent the fire from spreading to nearby shanties. There are 6 fire trucks in the area – the 1st 2 fire trucks are from our City, then from Kolambogan, Baroy, Gaisano and Holcim. Few minutes ago, another fire trucks came from Marawi City. No one was reported hurt in the incident. And Iligan City's Fire Department declares fire out around 4:00AM.

The interest of this study is to examine the social impact of the people in Purok Abestilla and Purok Bagong Lipunan Mahayahay, Iligan City after the 2011 fire incident. This study also aims to know the causes of the said incident and for the people to be aware in the next disaster in the future. Moreover, to determine how the government make move on the process of recovery that the people of Mahayahay were struggling to gain. 1.3 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY

We study the social impact of the people after the disaster that they have been encountered so that we will be able to know if it affects their mentality and the changes that happened on their society. This also examines the social consciousness of the people around their community or society. This study presents the information about the causes and effects of the said incident. The study also signifies the...
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