The Social Impact of the Vietnam War

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  • Published: December 21, 2010
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Social Impact
of the
Vietnam War

Jess Carrignan
December 10, 2010
A.P. U.S. History
Changes in societies have occurred since the very first civilizations and continue to occur today. Each society is a reflection of the art and music, as well as the people and their values and beliefs of the people of the time. The social structure of the people is very much shaped by the events that occur during that particular generation. Often in history major events such as wars and natural disasters are the defining factors that influence and shape that particular society. Here in the United States our society is certainly no exception. It has been constantly changing since the very early days of the Pilgrims. One such event that shaped and defined the society of its time was the Vietnam War which brought about one of the greatest, massive and rapid changes to American society. The Vietnam War, fought between 1955 and 1975, was one of the most grueling and devastating wars America has ever fought. The death toll of American soldiers was greater than that of all other previous wars fought with other countries. Countless numbers of Americans were killed as they suffered dangerous and harsh condition. The home front during the war was just as chaotic and brutal. The war brought about drastic changes to all aspects of the United States, both political, economic, and most notably, social. The effects of the Vietnam War were seen throughout the country as Americans rose up in protest against the war. The social changes brought about by the Vietnam War forever shaped and defined American Society and culture by acting as a catalyst to the counterculture movement in the sixties and a shift in art, music and education. The social impact of the Vietnam War was profound; its affects reverberated throughout the nation, instilling new values and beliefs, influencing music, art, and education and impacting family life, shaping the culture of American society far beyond that...
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