The Social Benefits of Air Transport - Haiti Earthquake Example

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Air transport delivers humanitarian aid
The example of earthquake in Haiti

Air transport provides very important social benefits like sustainable development, access to remote areas, delivering humanitarian aid and widening consumer choice. Although each of them is vital, I have chosen to describe the third one, which is providing humanitarian aid. Aviation is crucial to bringing charitable help. When a catastrophy, war, or a natural disaster occurs, leaving people without food, water and other things that are necessary to survive, immediate delivery is needed. Rescue teams must arrive somehow, too, and try to save lives of people who are injured. The easiest and the fastest way to transport people and stuff for those in need is to use air transport. It makes possible delivering humanitarian aid to remote areas, that can not be reached in any different way, so everyone gets a helping hand and lives through a hard time. There are many examples of humanitarian missions in the history, but I think that the most interesting one is earthquake in Haiti in 2010. It struck on 12th of February, 16 kilometers away from Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince. A massive earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale devastated one of the world’s poorest countries. Most of the historic buildings in the capital was totally destroyed, Presidential Palace among other things. A hospital and a prison were devastated, too. 230 000 people died and about 3 000 000 were injured or lost their houses. Chaos prevailed in Haiti. Wherever you looked, there were victims and hands extending for a help. Such a big loss caused reactions of many countries that were willing to help. First of all, the most important thing was to send people to help those injured. Polish government, for example, sent rescuers and trained dogs. They also took 4 tonnes of specialist rescue equipment. Unfortunately, before the take off, it turned out that the...
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