The Social Activities

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What is relationship Building about?
In ever aspect of life we are in, whether getting involved in the social activities, building our career path, or socializing with family and friends, we interact with various type of individuals.   Such interaction may occur with familiar people with whom we are in close contact like our family and friends or with new acquaintances.   We may also build a connection over a period of time with our work colleagues or members in a club. The fact that we interact with people everyday means that we are building a relationship with these individuals as we associate ourselves with them in one or the other way Why do we need to build and to sustain relationship?

Build a Support System
When we have challenges in life it is important that we have a support system of trusted people who we can go to for advice.  Also, this support system is great for sharing good news. Develop Friendships

One of the benefits of building quality relationships is that many of these people become friends. It is important to always grow your sphere of people in your life. Sense of Accomplishment
With networking, you should always be finding ways to help others. Therefore, you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you positively help someone. Demonstrate Your Expertise
The more we develop relationships, the more people will see us as subject matter experts. You need to share with people what you know so they can make introductions and provide opportunities for you. Grow Your Business

One of the major results of successful relationship building is that you will eventually grow your business. By helping others and getting to know people, it will result in growth for your business.
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