The Slave Community

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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History 3881 Paper Assignment
Dr. Arwin D. Smallwood
13th of November 2012
Rough Draft
The Slave Community
Slavery has existed among humanity since the beginning of time. It has shaped many nations throughout the vast lands of the earth. Arabs enslaved Europeans and later Europeans would enslave Africans. Europeans enslaved Africans and brought them to the Americas to work for them under brutal conditions on the plantation of the New World. This is where our story begins. Throughout this essay, I will discuss how and why African-Americans survived the institution of slavery as well as the impact that they had on the white Southerners, through my reading of John W. Blassingame’s book, “The Slave Community”. Cultural identity, Religion, guilt, the ability to adapt, and other things enabled to African Americans to survive the brutal institution of slavery as well as enabling them to have a profound impact on the white slave owning population in the South.

African-Americans were able to adapt very well to their new conditions that they found themselves placed in, in the New World. In most cases, they adopted the culture, belief in God and language of the people who now controlled their fate, “Africans enslaved in the Americas had to make the kind of adjustments the white slaves for life did in Africa: learning their captors’ language, adopting much of their culture, and accepting their God”. Africans assimilated quickly into American society and way of life because of how influential the church was in the South. The church, although controlled by the white planters, were the biggest agent in support of slave rights, freedom, and humanity. Slaves were attracted to Christianity because it had similar beliefs to that of their original beliefs and values. Africans were easily able to identify with Christianity from the get go, “there were enough congruencies to allow the Africans to recognize and accept some Christian tenets and practices from the outset”....
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