The Sky Is Not the Limit

Topics: Africa, Satellite, Communications satellite Pages: 4 (1027 words) Published: March 14, 2013

My concern an 18 year old student is on the future. Therefore I found it a bit unpractical to focus on only one country as this world is becoming a global village. What happens in America today will tomorrow be adapted somewhere in Africa. This essay will asses the social, political, environmental, or familial challenge faced by individuals in an imagined-boundary less country – Africa. Most attention will be on the use of satellite technology because I believe it is an important tool that can propel us into the future and link us to the rest of the world. It is about time we did away with the old cliché that “the sky is the limit”. Because from where I am standing there is no “limit” because this is a roofless planet where mankind can reach unimaginable and limitless horizons. In weather news, we at the Afri-satnology channel forecast a very bright future with obvious chances of semi-possible and semi-impossible showers of dreams recorded in this part of the planet. Searchmobilecomputing describes satellites as “In general, a satellite is anything that orbits something else, as, for example, the moon orbits the earth. In a communications context, a satellite is a specialized wireless receiver/transmitter that is launched by a rocket and placed in orbit around the earth’’

Now that we have the basic understanding of satellites, begins the ideas of how to manage it and incorporate it into our African societies and create the ´effect Afri-satnonology . This is where we end up with the strong belief of expanding our horizons. We not only think outside the box but also tear it up into the outer space and examine the possibilities that the African continent can achieve with satellites.

For many decades agriculture has proven to be a very crucial sector in most, if not all, African counties. Through recent advancements in satellite technology, farmers can use simpler ways to improve...
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