The Skills of Eyimon

Topics: Sword, English-language films, American films Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Eyimon is a prodigious swordsman, well schooled in the use of the longsword, and familiar with some of it’s smaller variants, enough so to rise to the position of King of his Order in a short time. Eyimon exemplifies a rather large collection of skills, but has acquired a reputation for being sneaky and mysteriously all-seeing in his noble circles. Eyimon is a widely skilled diplomat, schooled by the monks in sword fighting, thievery, and intelligent discourse. He is literate, though not to the degree of a scholar, and can count unaided, though anything more than the simplest of math escape him. He can write, but novels are not to be expected. King Eyimon is quite foolhardy believing that in spite of proof to the contrary, that a King armed with spells and a sword can outface anything, leading him to do such things as charge into what is almost certainly an ambush, or confront a traitor in spite of a known trap. He befriends the common people of his Order to aid in his battles, but only to save his own self from death. His philosophy involving his obvious underhandedness amounts to “right the wrongs first, worry about consequences later.” He has the ability to see by traveling into the more distant future, but can not see what may be obvious in front of him. Eyimon has used several spells to enhance his longsword ability over the years, making him a virtually unstoppable force in his Order. While Eyimon leaves the mundane tasks of running his people to his wife, he is always ready for a battle armed with only a few spells and his longsword.
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