The Skating Party

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  • Published : April 19, 2011
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Kadeem Savory
Mr. Sweazy
“The Skating Party”

Reading and Discussion Questions
1. A) What type of person is the story narrator, Maida?

B) How do some of Maida’s personal characteristics make her an effective narrator 5. A) What is the stone man and why are the adults reluctant to “reveal the full picture of the stone man? 9. What do you think is significant concerning the death of the lamb? 11. There are many important themes implied in this story. List at least four or five themes you believe are revealed in “The Skating Party” and for theme each find an example supporting the idea of the theme in the story.

A Critical Analysis and Presentation

Theme: Necessity of Sacrifice
Literary Devices:
Maida always wondered why her uncle Nathan had never been married he always gave her an answer that never fulfilled her question which left her still guessing why. In the story her mom told her the story of “The Skating Party” [Page 190]. What had been told to Maida was basically a flashback used by the author to explain to the readers and Maida why her uncle hadn’t found a wife yet. Symbolism

The Stone-Man that once was in the Singleton’s field symbolizes Uncle Nathan’s indecisiveness. Why? Because his family had a choice to either keep it as a landmark or tear it down to make way for food. Maida asked her Uncle Nathan if he had a choice “Which would you have chosen?” and Uncle Nathan replied “I wanted both” (189). This clearly shows Nathans lack of decision making skills which lead to his incomplete life. Told by his Father, Nathan; being young, had no choice but to tear it down to eat. It was a much needed sacrifice to keep the family surviving.

Uncle Nathan’s Sacrifices
* Sacrificing his love for farming to teach
* His summer to get enough money to get back to farming
* The stone man for food
* His relationships for loneliness
* His fiancée for his love
* His life for his love

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