The Sixties and Civil Rights

Topics: Black people, African American, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 3 (928 words) Published: November 1, 2010
The sixties were a time of revolution for the rights of individuals in America. There were many historical events that took place that made this country what it is now. From the marches, sit-ins, bus boycotts, the African Americans saw the opportunity to fight for equal rights at a time when the country was looking to change. Poverty was high, especially with African Americans, and all the tension from the Cold War and Vietnam building started movements of people. The public opinion was different all around the country mostly in the south were the segregation was at it highest. The types of movements had changed from the late fifties to the sixties making the African Americans fighting for their freedom in a new way.

The public opinion and media had a lot to do with the civil rights movement in the sixties. The white public thought the pace that the integration was moving was too fast (Brinkley, 2007). But the way the media portrayed everything made it more real for people who did not see it everyday by showing the abuse the non violent demonstrators were getting such as showing demonstrators getting sprayed with fire hoses. The people were growing tired of all the fighting and I think they realized if they did not make change there would be no peace in our own nation. In a New York Times article, the author states it best as “The primary reason to bring racial discrimination to end, is purely and simply because it is wrong” (Bowels, 1960).

The movement started by having non violent protests by leaders such as Martin Luther King, who was a major public speaker about the civil rights. At the beginning it was more political about the African Americans at least getting to have the same rights as whites, like voting and to go wherever they want. The headline of the article from the New York Times in 1960 says it all Negroes Dissatisfaction with the Pace of Action on Rights Brings Sit-ins and White Resistance. This article talks about how the sit-ins...
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