The Sixties

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  • Published: March 31, 2014
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The Sixties
Election of 1960
Cold Warrior
Says that we need to continue the 1950s prosperity
“New Frontier”
You would see something different than the old grandfather seen in Eisenhower Cold Warrior
War Hero in World War II
Missile Gap
Between the United States and the Soviet Union
Nixon war criticized for the Soviet Union having more missiles than US The realities were different but the Kennedy campaign uses this against Nixon Religious Aspect
Catholic President
One of the Closest elections in history
Kennedy Wins
Kennedy brings the best and the brightest to assist him and his administration Domestically, not much happens during Kennedy’s presidency Different things happen with foreign affairs
Kennedy Assassinated
Many theories about who did it
LBJ takes over as president
Differences between LBJ and JFK
JFK grew up rick
LBJ grew up poorer
Johnsons and Kennedys didn’t get along
Come from different places
LBJ knew how to get bills through Congress as Head of the Senate Johnson has the opportunity to be the best president we ever had Combination of skill and timing
Gets a lot of major legislation through in what became known as his great society High point of liberalism in the United States
The Vietnam War defeats a lot of what Johnson does domestically and puts an end to his presidency Has an opportunity to fulfill the City Upon a Hill idea
We have this unique moment in the history of the world
Wealthiest country ever
1964 Election
LBJ takes on a very conservative legislator from Arizona, Goldwater Wins in the biggest landslide ever in a presidential election Only person who campaigns republican is Reagan
LBJ goes on to implement many of the ideas Kennedy had and wanted to implement during his presidency Tax cut to stimulate the economy
Civil Rights Act
Desegregates what the courts have already not desegregated
Declares a War on Poverty in his Inaugural Address
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