The Six Selves Adolescent Girls Face

Topics: Emotion, Childhood, Girl Pages: 3 (1273 words) Published: November 26, 2011
Sonya Fulgham
HD 300- Early Childhood Themes and Life Cycles
Reflection #1

There are a total of six “selves”, they are the physical, which deals with the changes in size, shape, and hormonal structure that young girls bodies go through. An emotional selves is the way that young girls deal with their feelings, a young girl’s emotions are extreme and ever changeable. Academic selves is how a young girl views her academic success, they are put in positions to feel inadequate about their intelligence in comparison to young boys. Thinking selves are when the young female tend to overanalyze and over generalize situations. Spiritual selves are the times were the young adolescent girls try to actively search for meaning and order in the universe in which they dwell. Social selves are the points were a young girl would disconnect from their parents emotionally and strive for the validation of their peers. All of these factors can have a great impact on a young adolescent female. Physical selves happens to be a “selves” that I can totally relate to, because I can remember being in my young adolescent stage trying to understand and make sense of what exactly my body was going through. I started puberty by the age nine and I was not prepared for it. My mother had not taken the time to express to me that my body would endure changes. So I had a hard time excepting me for whom I was developing into physically. I felt like I was an alien, because I was starting to look different than the other young girls my age. According, to the author Mary Pipher, (1994) the physical selves refer to when young adolescent females’ bodies are going through changes in the shape and sizes, along with the hormonal structure (Mary Pipher, 1994, p.54). Which leads me to talk about, the emotional selves, this is a “selves” that hit home for me. Being a young girl that was developing at a rapid rate I can remember feeling moments of despair. Due to the fact that I no...
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