The Six-Point Movement:

Topics: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Bangladesh Liberation War, Bangladesh Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: March 31, 2011
After the formation of Pakistan, the people of East zone were suppressed in every Sector. They were even not secured in severe national disarray, which became visible during the India-Pakistan was in 1965. When the Bengalis were looking for a new formula to express their national pride a desire for a substantial measure for independence from the centralized political structure Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, as Awami League leader, proposed the "Six Point" demand in February, 1966. The six-point demand is a remarkable document. The points are given below –

i. The establishment of federation on the basis of labor resolution and a Parliamentary govt. with supremacy of legislature to be directly elected by adult franchise. ii. The federation will deal with defense and foreign affair, and all other subject rest in the federating state. iii. Introduction of either two separate but freely convertible currencies for the two wings or one currency for the whole country, provided that effective constitutional provision should be made to stop the flight of capital from East to west zone. There should be separate banking reserve, fiscal and monetary policy for East Pakistan. iv. Right of taxation will be in the hands of federation state, sigh center receiving a fixed portion. v. Establishment of two separate accounts for foreign exchange earning of the two wings, foreign exchange requirement of the federal govt. Shall be met either by equally or in a ratio to be fixed; indigenous product shall move free of duty between the two wings; the constitution shall empower unit govt. to establish trade and commercial relation with setup trade mission and enter into agreement with foreign countries. vi. Setting up of militia or paramilitary force for East Pakistan.

The Six-point movement started by the Awami Legue in 1966, though short-lived, marked a significant radicalization of Bengali politics and played a crucial role in shaping later political movements. The Six-point demand was a...
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