The Six Branches of Philosophy

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1.What is real?
Do any of us really know for sure what is real and what is not? A few years ago I read a book, although the name of it escapes me, that really had me thinking. “Is this life real or are we dreaming? I wondered if what we’re doing is dreaming and if our dreams are actually our reality. 2.Is the physical world more or less real than the spiritual or psychological world? I believe it is all real. The physical world of course is real, how else would we feel pain? Love? Happiness? And the spiritual world is just as real as this world, we just can’t see it. There are too many unexplained things that happen to not believe in the spiritual world. For instance, one year my family and I sat down to Thanksgiving dinner. We had the entire family over and every one was sitting at the table, but we all heard footsteps above our head as if someone was running in the hallway upstairs. So was that in all of our imaginations? I think not. 3.Is there such a thing as a soul? And if so, how does it survive outside of a physical body? Yes, there is such a thing as a soul. How else do you explain Heaven and Hell? I think that it lives outside of our bodies because our bodies are not yet dead. They are still functioning. Let’s say you go to bed one night. You dream that you’re with a loved one that had passed on. In my belief, your spirit is actually visiting with this person just as if you are visiting a friend down the street. But it is your souls that are actually visiting one another. Here is an example. My grandfather passed away when I was 17. But when I was 18 I had a dream that we were sitting in a park talking. He was telling me that everything was ok and that he was happy and with my Grandmother again and she was happy. I can’t remember anything else from that other than it was a good talk and I felt better about his passing after that. Of course the question could be raised, “Does our subconscious mind really dream what we want to hear or is it real?”. I like to think it is real. 4.Do all people have free will, or are lives determined by fate? I believe that our lives are determined by fate. That we map out our lives before we are ever born. But that doesn’t take away from our free will. We still have a choice; it is that little voice of reasoning that we all hear. Let’s say a woman who is planning on getting married, she’s not sure if this is something she is wanting, so she will hear that little voice saying “Are you sure you want to do this?”. Since she mapped out her life before she was born, and he was not a part of it, that is why she is having doubts. But she decides to go through with it, which is her will and choice to do so. Just because we map our lives a certain way, doesn’t mean that is how it always ends up. So there for we have the free will to do what we want. Some choices are bad, some are good. It is up to us to figure it out. That leads us to ethics. Ethics

1.What is the right thing to do?
We all know what the right thing to do is. It’s to not harm another person. Let’s say a friend comes to you and asks you to help them rob a liquor store. You, knowing that it isn’t right to do so of course tell them no. But they decide to do it anyway and end up shooting the liquor store worker. So knowing what the right thing to do, you turn them in. Just because we all know what is right and what is wrong doesn’t mean that everyone always follows. There are some who choose to do what is wrong because they see it as the easier way out rather than doing what is right. Just because its right doesn’t mean that it is always easy. 2.What does it mean to be a good person?

It means you don’t harm another person. Live your life by the laws of the land and help your fellow man. It is a person who never puts themselves first. If anything needs to be done, then they are the person to turn to. My father for example was a good man. He lived his life the...
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