The Sirens of Titan: a Science Fiction Masterpiece

Topics: Solar System, Mars, Moon Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: March 4, 2013
The Sirens of Titan: A Science-Fiction Masterpiece

Have you ever read a book that was constantly messing with your mind and was also getting you to see various things in so many different ways? Well, The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut was exactly that book for me. This book has so many twists and turns that you would never expect to happen.

This story takes place in a variety of locations all around our solar system. It takes place on our home planet of Earth, on a moon of Saturn, which is called Titan, and it also takes place on Mars and Mercury. This story involves many aspects of science-fiction including time travel, space travel, and unclear materializations. The story starts off on Earth where two of the main characters, Malachi Constant and Beatrice Rumfoord meet for the first time and discuss the particularly weird instances of Beatrice’s husband’s materializations. There, on Earth, Malachi and Beatrice’s husband, Winston, meet for the first time and we get the story moving. Winston tells Malachi how he and his wife will get on a ship to space and will eventually end up on the moon of Saturn called Titan in order to have a son named Chrono and live their lives on that far away moon of Saturn. Other characters all around the solar system are introduced into this story like Unk, a lowly recruit into the First Martian Assault. Unk was brought to Mars from Earth and, despite many attempts to completely erase his memory, has retained a lot of memories from his past on Earth and holds valuable information within himself. There are also a few other recruits in to the Martian Assault and their names are Boaz, Stony Stevenson, and Kazak the faithful dog of Winston Rumfoord among others.

The three main characters, and the ones that the story revolves around, are Malachi Constant, Beatrice Rumfoord and Winston Rumfoord, even though he is only materialized for parts of the story. Malachi has recently just started to run out of luck. His father had built him...
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