The Sin Bin or Lucy's Heart

Topics: Friendship, English-language films, Mother Pages: 3 (1328 words) Published: September 9, 2012
The novel “The Sin Bin or Lucy’s heart” is written by Lucy Cross. The author leads us into the mind of Lucy, a young girl, presumably 13 years-old, who is very clever and successful in school. She has been put in detention-class with the school ‘yobbo’, Simon Parle, for punching her former good friend, Penny. The detention class is guarded by a teacher well-known to Lucy; Mr. Paterson, who is very disappointed in Lucy’s violent behavior, since Lucy earlier has been rewarded with prizes for her excellent school performance. He believes her behavior has suffered bad influence from the hardest girl of the year, called Bethan, who has picked out Lucy to be her friend and made her proof her sincerity to her. In the detention room, Lucy waits for her new friend to come ‘collect her’. She hopes that Bethan will recognize her newly proven loyalty to her and their friendship, obtained by punching her poor old friend Penny, who already has plenty of things to worry about. As Lucy waits for time to pass, she is also occupying herself by recreating a heart, from and old biology book. Unfortunately she breaks the paper as she draws, while thinking about the situation of her violent act and because she uses a too hard pencil. The following drawing turns out a lot prettier and more realistic though, as she chooses a softer pencil and starts observing, rather than thinking deeply. Then when the detention hour is up, and Lucy is finally free to go, Mr. Paterson suggests that Lucy keeps her beautiful drawing, though instead, she decides to leave it for the bin, and heads out to meet Bethan. Lucy is the main character of the story, as the whole story is told from her point of view and out of her thoughts. As she sits in detention, she thinks of how she has been an excellent student that the school has been very proud of. She is one out of two students taking 9 O-levels, and she describes the feeling, when she walks up the Sports Hall at Prize day as; “…like someone just poured a...
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