The Simple Gift- Steven Herrick.

Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: October 13, 2010
- Story of belonging portayed seperately through the lives of Billy Luckett, Old bill and Caitlin.

Billy leaves home to find a new beginning in which he is not sure were to go, he ends up staying in a train carriage (and refers to it as 'the hilton') where he meets Old Bill. He meets Caitlin at MacDonalds where she finds him eating food scraps. Caitlin:

After she has met Billy and Old Bill she realises that the necessities which are a part of her life really don't mean as much to her as they once did. She takes notice of the smaller things and 'the simple gifts' given to her, such as the box of chocolates by Old Bill when she welcomes him and Billy into her home for dinner. She see's and appreciates the effort that Old Bill and Billy put in to present themselves at her home. They comb their hair slick back and use their manners, they seem like two completely different characters to the people she seen earlier that morning drinking coffee from the thermest at the train carriages.

Old Bill:
Gives and recieves numerous simple gifts thoughout the novel. The simple gift which Old Bill appreciated the most was company over dinner at Caitlins house. He enjoyed seeing Caitlin and Billy sit with each other and how they looked at each other. For a few hours it took his mind off his past, losing his wife and his daughter Jessie. Old Bill's simple gift to Billy was his home. He hadn't lived their for five years but sometimes he returned to mow the lawns or sit on the verandah. Their were too many memories in that house and he couldn't bare to live their. When welfare was onto Billy he thought it was the simplest and most obvious thing that he could do, to provide Billy with a home, so that he could continue to live at Benderat and see Caitlin.
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