The Simple Gift Essay

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The Simple Gift
ESSAY- The Simple Gift –“belonging is a struggle”. Discuss this statement to reference to the prescribed text and at least 2 texts of your choosing. The extent of things individuals go through to belonging in a society, community, place or group is important as it shows that we are all different individuals and loved. In the book “the simple gift”, the poem “life cycle” and the film “my big fat Greek wedding” they all show use that it is important and that we will struggles and this will happen in every individual’s life. The techniques in all three texts demonstrate that we will all struggle to belong to a group but at one point we will find that group that we belong to. In the book ‘the simple gift’ belonging to a group or to anyone has been a struggle to this one young person ‘Billy’, this young boy had left home as his father didn’t not support him in anything he did we are able to see this throughout a flashback billy has “when billy was ten years old he was playing soccer in the back yard practicing for the game but by mistake he kicked the ball to hard and high it broke a window, so he just stood there holding the ball and all you see is his father storming out of the house and takes the ball and kicks it over the fence and gives him a back hand that puts him to the ground.” This shows us that billy didn’t belong in a family like this, and we can see that billy had left home by quoting I am 16 and soon to be homeless”. Billy doesn’t get the satisfaction of love from his father as his father treats him in a disgusting manner this is why Billy leaves home and try and seek out father-love from another person. Belly experiences love from another character; he tries to get the satisfaction of father-love from ‘old Bill’. For billy to get close to old bill was not easy as the older aged man was troubled himself but billy had tried and got him to change and he got the satisfaction of love from him, for billy to get the feeling of love from old...
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