The Simple Gift - Belonging

Topics: Emotion, Meaning of life, Feeling Pages: 3 (1053 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Belonging can be described in many different ways, and can take on many different meanings for different people in different circumstances. Belonging is an important part of our lives. Every human being has something that creates a sense of belonging in their lives. Belonging can involve a relationship, place, family, country, love, cultural, and religion and for some people it is a place called home. Some of this belonging is show in The Simple Gift Noble by Steven Herrick. The related texts discussed in this essay are: “Feeling a Londoner” a short migrant story and “relationship” an Image. There related texts are can be linked to “The Simple Gift” Novel. Related text one is a story called “Feeling a Londoner” written by Sibel Toygunn and taken from the website It is a transcript of Sibel’s feeling about London. The story is about a Turkish refugee who became a Londoner. She says that every time she tries to go back to her home country she feels like she doesn’t fit in anymore. She feels that London is her home and where she belongs even though she came from another country. She just keeps laughing because she can’t believe how she has changed. She has become more open in her life also as well as with the others. She found the freedom of life, trust and safety compared to the country which she has came from. She feels she belong to London, because she has all the good memories here. She went through her education here, where she makes new friends and has connection though the community, work, church, places and home. This is what makes her feel like she belongs here. This is shows that where a person spends his/her early years in life is important for creating a sense of belonging. The first person perspective language technique is used to convey this idea of belonging. This technique gives the personal emotional expression to the reader. The use of present tense in ‘ I feel’ and ‘I think’ conveys the strong expressive...
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