The Simple Gift Analysis, Essay Form

Topics: First-person narrative, High school, English-language films Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: October 13, 2011
The Simple Gift:

Billy Luckett, 16 years of age explores into the world; leaving home on his own decision. Billy rejects himself as a reject, a thief; and a troubled character. We see in the free verse novel, The Simple Gift, composed by Steven Herrick there is the use of imagery in the novel in each chapter. There is also a quote which helps to explain the imagery. The format of the book is written as a first person narrative account. It is written from the three main characters perspective, which is interesting as it gives us the reader insight to each person’s unique perspective. Billy describes his home a “shit hole” “a downtrodden house in Noweheresville”, as he feels that he doesn’t belong at home. This gives us an idea that Billy has no safe haven. It shows us that Billy’s idea of home is one of embarrassment and shame, and not a sense of comfort. This is reflected in feeling that his identity is missing. Billy doesn’t have strong self- esteem either in his identity so he doesn’t know where he should be. This is because Billy’s father is an alcoholic and very violent towards Billy. Billy has the urge to then disobey his father by walking out and taking the fathers alcohol as he has had enough. Billy at this stage acts this way as he feels that he is alienated and the only way getting past this is to try to be accepted within society outside of his house. Billy is lost. There are a series of events throughout Billy’s life from when he leaves home, as he meets a number of people. Billy feels a level of acceptance for who he is with the girl of his dreams, at McDonalds named Caitlin and the train driver as he feels that he is part of their community. Throughout the simple gift, it demonstrates that everyone wants to have a sense of belonging. The concept of belonging is conveyed through the relationships, ideas, places, events and societies that the characters encounter in this text. Steven Herrick uses strong literary language in the simply gift...
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