The Similarities and Differences Between Professional Football and Basketball

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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The Similarities and Differences between Professional Football and Basketball Elbert L. Hereford
Daniel Gleason

There are several similarities and differences between basketball and football as sports. The competitive nature of games calls for the society to express itself in these types of physical activity. Both of these activities require a finish goal where one team loses or wins in return giving the players and fans satisfaction and a sense of community. However when looking at the details of these games, they are completely different in regards to the equipment used and much more described in the following argument.

Similarity between team formations
In the United States we have several past times; some enjoy a night out on the town, going for a walk, sharing a glass of wine, or catching up on a good romance novel. But the most popular activities most Americans choose to partake in are the American sports. Two of the most popular sports in this day in age are football and basketball. I believe the reason for the success of these two sports mainly is because they are both very similar. Both sports require a head coach both require defense and offense and both have an ultimate goal a championship. Scoring points are key components to the success of a team. The way the winner is decided in both sports is by whoever scores the most points. Defending a particular scoring object is also something both sports share. Teamwork is also a very vital piece to competing in both sports all though there are several individuals playing at the same time it is important that they all play as one unit and the work they put in behind the scene “practice” is how they build that chemistry. It is very clear to see why both of these sports have such huge fan bases and although you see all of the similarities the difference in both sports is that much bigger.

As I...
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