The Similar Between Private and Public in Schools

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Comparing Public and Private School Education

There are many similarities and differences between private schools and public schools. One of the similarities is that they both have athletic programs. One of the differences is that private schools have to wear uniforms and public schools do not. Private schools and public schools are the same in many ways but they are also different.

Private schools and public schools share many similarities. One thing that they share is that they both have athletic programs. I have been to both a Private school and a public school and both of the athletic programs are great, they like to work you like an ox. Something else that Private and public schools have in common is that they both have dress codes. Private school dress codes are a little more strict because you usually have to wear a uniform, but in both schools you do have dress codes.

Even though both Private and public schools share many similarities, they also have many differences too. The first difference is that in private school you have to wear uniforms, rather than in public schools where you can wear almost anything you want to as long as you follow the dress code. I have learned from experience that wearing uniforms is not too great, because they kind of make you feel like you are in a prison. The second difference between both schools is that in public schools you do not get to worship God. People in public schools are missing out on what is happening in not getting to worship God. Worshiping God is like nothing else on earth.

Both public and private schools have many things on common and many things that are different too. It is important to know the difference and similarities between private schools and public schools when choosing one of these schools. If you choose a public school, it will be harder to follow God because you will not be in a Godly environment. Both schools have great academics, the only difference is the Godly environment....
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