The Silken Tent

Topics: Sonnet, Poetry, Iambic pentameter Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: October 17, 2011
“The Silken Tent”
Robert Frost’s poem, “The Silken Tent”, is a unique depiction of the author’s view for the character of his beloved woman. Frost uses different figures of speech to convey the importance of woman, by showing the audience her strength and beauty of her independence. The entire poem itself is an ongoing metaphor, a clever comparison of the strong woman to a silken tent, “She is as in a field a silken tent” (1) . The use of imagery helps to describe the strength and confidence that this woman has in herself, and shows how much he admires this about his beloved. This Shakespearean sonnet follows strict guidelines and goes well beyond the expectations of any normal sonnet. The silken tent itself represents the structure of the woman’s life, and serves as a model of strength, sureness, and understanding to her duties.

Imagery is the representation in language of sense experience, and throughout Frost’s “The Silken Tent” are vivid examples of visual imagery. He uses this imagery to enhance the depiction of the woman, raising her to a higher standard compared to others. “And its supporting central cedar pole/That is its pinnacle to heavenward/And signifies the sureness of the soul” (5-7), here Frost is using the imagery of the pole to help describe the metaphor comparing the woman to the tent as a symbol of her strength. The “central cedar pole” (5) is considered to be the base, or main structure for all things and it “signifies the sureness of the soul” (7) meaning that the pole is the woman’s inner strength that keeps her going each day. “At midday when a sunny summer breeze/Has dried the dew and all its ropes relent” (2-3) uses the imagery of the afternoon to describe essentially how the woman being depicted is someone relaxing and easy to be around. The “ropes relent” (2) is a way of illustrating that the ropes are now loosened after the night’s rest, and is now relaxed and ready to go with the day’s duties.

“The Silken Tent” is an...
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