The Significant Difference Between Drinking Coffee and Energy Drink in Its Effect to the Improvement of Tracing the Star of David

Topics: Specular reflection, Ray, Reflection Pages: 10 (2449 words) Published: July 29, 2012


Angeles, Gabriel
Briñas, Paola
De Vera, Louise
Espinosa, Carla
Gonzales, Sarah
Lontoc, Milcah
Natividad, Rianne
Pamintuan, Edelle
Salonga, Karlo
Ting, Helein
Villa, Ciara

A Research Paper Submitted to
Professor Arlo Salvador
of the
University of Santo Tomas, Manila,
Faculty of Arts and Letters
In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for
Experimental Psychology

Group 2
September 2011


This research focuses on the consciousness of randomly selected subjects, measuring whether their focus on the given experiment have an effect after drinking two kinds of drink. The two chosen drinks are black coffee and energy drink. Both differ in taste but both contain caffeine. Fifteen randomly selected subjects were chosen for the three categories. The five subjects on each group traced the Star of David by looking through the mirror image using their dominant hand.

After their first trial, one group will drink coffee and the other one will take the energy drink. Both groups will be tested again after 30 minutes for their second trial using their non-dominant hand this time. The last group will not take anything and will use their dominant hand still during their second trial. The experiment is timed the moment they start to put their pencils down and trace until the pencil touches the point where it begin. The total mean computed for the non-drinking group was 290 seconds for the first attempt and 108 seconds for the second. The coffee-drinking group had a mean of 133 seconds for the first attempt and 138 for the second, and lastly, 168 seconds, first attempt, and 69 seconds, second attempt for the group who drank energy drink.

The problem is “Which drink will have a significant difference in the improvement of one’s consciousness in tracing the Star of David?”. There are two Alternative and Null Hypothesis in which both states that Coffee and Energy drink will have a significant difference in the improvement of one’s consciousness in tracing the Star of David for the Alternative Hypothesis and for the Null Hypothesis, both the Coffee and Energy Drink will not have a significant difference in the improvement of one’s consciousness in tracing the Star of David. Based on the results provided by the experiment, the conclusion is to accept the 1st and 2nd null hypothesis because all three didn’t exceed to 4.10.


Consciousness is understood as a fundamental experience, which is a “feeling” or an “intuition” that accompanies the experiencing psychic phenomena, or as it was named by Jaspers, an awareness of experience (Kokoszka, 2007; 4).

The group conducted a consciousness experiment on fifteen randomly selected subjects. The consciousness experiment made use of the Star of David as an independent variable. Five subjects each will be tested for the effect of an energy drink and coffee to a person’s consciousness. Aside from these ten subjects, another five randomly selected people will be doing the same activity without having to drink anything. The experiment made use of a mirror and a tracing paper with the Star of David to test the ability of a person to successfully trace in between two thin lines that make the shape of the star with only having a mirror as means to see the tracing paper.

The group will find out in the experiment whether there is a significant difference to the tracing time of those who have been influenced by the stimulating drinks.



Participants were chosen through the method of random sampling. Using a scientific calculator, the SHIFT button was used in combination with a random number function followed by the equal sign to generate a random number. Using the last two digits of the resulting number the group was able to choose their samples to participate in...
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