The Significance of the Pentateuch

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  • Published : October 31, 2010
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Journal Entry 1: The Significance of the Pentateuch: the Five Books of Moses Bereshith is a phrase from the Hebrew language, meaning, “in the beginning;” Genesis in the Greek language is genesos, which means, “birth, genealogy or history of origin” (NIV Genesis introduction, pg 1, par 1). How fitting for the word Genesis to begin the story of creation. There is so much history in these first five books of the Bible, otherwise known as the Laws of Moses…Pentateuch. The accounts of creation are very detailed in its origin. There is much I understand, yet, there is much more that I do not, for example, Exodus 2; Genesis 46:11, reads of Moses’ lineage; that he is a descendant of Jacob (of the Levite tribe). I’m having a difficult time understanding the time line of creation to Moses’ time because the years go backward. Nonetheless, the foundational concept is understood. God took so much time and effort in making the earth, bodies of water, vegetation, livestock, and man. Adam’s purpose (Eve’s as well) was to care for the land, ruling over it and the animals (Gen. 1:26-28; 2:15-23). However, it was their disobedience that led to their leaving the Garden of Eden. God told them not to eat of the Tree of Life (center of the garden). Eve, listening to the serpent (Satan), ate from the tree, and proceeded to share it with Adam. Soon after which, they heard God in the garden, and they hid. I do like how God speaks to the serpent, prophesying that the offspring of the woman will crush his head (reference to Jesus Christ) (Gen 3:15). From there, Cain and Abel, sons of Adam and Eve were the next to experience sin. Cain was jealous of Abel. In short, Cain killed his brother, and from that action, Cain was cursed. Through the years, God became angrier with man. HIS creation was full of sin. HE chose a man, Noah, of great faith to reconstruct life on earth (Gen. 5-10). In these chapters of Genesis, since sin’s entrance, man has been disobedient and full of pride...
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