The Significance of the Assessment of Incoming 4th Year Nursing Students Regarding the Course Audit Subject as Preparation for the Board Examination

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National University

College of Nursing

S.Y. 2010-2011


Submitted by:

Beo, Rosalinda L.

Dimla, Viennalyn R.

Mohammad,Salman M.

Momdala, Ira G.

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Mrs.Julieta O. Abay RN. MAN.
(Professor, Nursing Research)



This course is designed to meet specific needs of students in preparation for the Board

examination. The course begins by reinforcing the testing process and by guiding them in reviewing the

contents of the program in different categories. The course also includes review of test-taking strategies

and hands-on practice of the computer-adaptive test-taking method. Students will be exposed to

paper/pencilAdaptive Exams as well. The course is deemed necessary to all students prior to graduation.


General Objectives:

To determine the significance of the assessment of incoming 4th year nursing students regarding

the course audit subject as preparation for the Board Examination.

Specific Objectives:

1. To identify the demographic variable of the respondents in terms of age and sex.

2. To determine the knowledge/ perception/ ideas of incoming 4th year students on the course audit subject.

3. To determine the advantages and disadvantages of the course audit.

4. To determine if course audit is useful for passing the Board Examination.


There is a significance difference of the assessment of incoming 4th year nursing students

regarding the course audit subject as preparation for the Board Examination.

Theoretical Framework:

This presents a proposed model for continuing nursing education based on Imogene King's

ConceptualFramework. The rationale for using King's conceptual framework as the foundation

underlying this proposed model is three-fold: the concepts--social systems, health, perception, and

interpersonal relationships--are relevant in every nursing situation; the interacting levels of operation—

individuals, groups, and society--depict a reciprocal relationship between human behaviour and the

environment; and the triad of elements--continuing nursing education, nursing practice, and nursing

research--are interrelated in the nursing profession. The authors contend that this approach to continuing

nursing education is beneficial to participating nurses, the health care consumer, and to the advancement

of the nursing profession. Based on its simplicity and flexibility, the proposed intra-systems model

described in this article is useful as a systematic guide for continuing nursing education. The author

believe that this proposed model provides an approach for stimulating continued learning, for

establishing innovative foundations for nursing practice, and for generating inquiry through research.

Utilizing this approach in maintaining the educational standards for professional practice will promote

change for the advancement of the nursing profession.


The aim of this study is to identify the importance of the course audit to nursing students.

Significance of the Study:

This study allows researchers to investigate actual situations as they occur by exploring and

Describing the individuals’ perspective of the course audit using a systematic and exploratory

approach with specific research characteristics which includes (1) the researchers is the primary

instruments of data collection, (2) rigorous research methods and data collection that avoid bias resulting

from researchers’ knowledge, (3) ensuring the accuracy of data, and (4) highlighting the perceptions of

the participants’ with the focus of inquiry. The number of participants for this study cannot be determined

ahead of time.

Scope and Limitations:

It is important that the...
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