The Significance of Leadership

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  • Published : January 11, 2007
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The Significance of Leadership

Being a member in National Honor Society implies that you are a person of great character. One of the most important qualities that you can possess is leadership. Honesty is one of the key factors to being a good leader. You must be honest towards everyone, and in everything that you do. If a leader wasn't honest, then no one would trust them. And if they weren't trustworthy then who would want to follow their lead? Leadership also requires that you have an optimistic attitude about everything. You have to take control, and look for the best in every situation. No one wants to follow someone who is always in a bad mood, and always looks for something to complain about.

Another very important trait in being a good leader is organization. It is very chaotic when the leader isn't ready for something to happen, and doesn't know what is going on half the time. I know from experience that when the teacher is unprepared most of the time, the whole class is mixed up. Being able to speak loudly and clearly in front of a large group of people is also a very important leadership quality. If no one can hear or understand you, then how will you be able to lead them? What you participate in outside of school is also important in classifying someone as a good leader. You shouldn't go and help out in a soup kitchen, and then go out with your friends, drinking, and doing other things that you shouldn't be doing. You must remember that you are always representing your school, and your family. And if you decide to do something stupid, you must remember that you are a reflection of your school, and most importantly, your family, and its values.

If I am chosen to be a member of National Honor Society, I will try my hardest to be a good example to my fellow classmates in whatever I am doing. I would show how caring I am about those who are less fortunate than me by doing community service projects. I am also a very...