The Significance of International Communication

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  • Published : May 12, 2012
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The word “communication” is used in a variety of ways. It derives from the Latin “communicate”, which means “to make common (Weekly, 1967, 338).” A person is the basic component of any community. As long as you live in the Community, you have to be interwoven with other members and therefore develop a kind of relationship with them. That is communication. With China's opening to the outside world, the communication is becoming increasingly deep and expanded, more and more people need to contact with different cultural groups and contacts, international communication strategy has invited more people's attention. When the people from different cultures get together, the communication between them will malfunction for the chasm in different values, faith and culture. Overcome these communication barriers timely and effectively is the key to success in international or intercultural communication. It is significant to promote international cultural, political, economic exchange. Any racial, ethnic or culture group, whatever is their own civilization degree, they all have a fixed cultural mode of judge, that is to say, the judge in his own culture is a standard, to determine the codes of conduct of different cultural groups is correct or appropriate or not. The culture makes people understand what the world is and what is good and right, therefore people from different cultures always think that their own cultural values are correct due to the different cultural values and the way to deal with foreign affairs, thus it often leads to misunderstanding between each other, because the same kind of behavior standards in different cultural range will produce different views. Therefore, people usually place the manner and way of thinking that they are familiar with or habitual as the best and correct. We should take more notice on our manners in the raymond mill and drum dryer business. Putting their own cultural mode above other cultural patterns of behavior will...
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