The Significance of Core Values in Out Lives

Topics: High school, Secondary school, Middle school Pages: 3 (1126 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Early on in our lives and throughout childhood, we make various decisions about who we are. These decisions essentially shape our personalities and effect the way that we interact with other people in our world. The conscious decisions that are made during the course of a lifetime are very much influenced by the events that we experience and because of this, some individuals have positive core values whereas others have more pessimistic ones. Nonetheless, our core values shape who we are and how we live our lives.

Personally, when I think of my core values one value in particular stands out in my mind. This value can be summarized by the statement “I am not good enough or I am inadequate”. In many ways this statement is very broad and can encompass many meanings, but I will try to narrow down its meaning as it pertains to me. When people say that they feel “inadequate”, the first thing that comes to mind is low self-esteem. In many ways it is true that people who feel this way do have low self-esteem, but in my case my self-esteem is not affected by this core value. In my view, I feel “inadequate” and “not good enough” in my achievement.

Achievement can be defined as something accomplished, especially by superior ability, special effort, or great courage. In my personal schema of the mind, I constantly believe that I have not achieved success even though many of my actions are noteworthy. For example, I graduated high school as the salutatorian of my class with a 4.56 GPA and received the AP Scholar Award with Distinction for getting a score of 4 or higher on 5 AP tests. To most people, these actions would seem very notable and impressive, but in my view they are simply displays of effort and I believe that I can still do better. In essence, my beliefs boil down to the fact that all of my actions are “not good enough” and thus, my motivation takes over and I turn to perfectionism. These pervasive beliefs that I can always achieve more and...
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