The Siege

Topics: English-language films, Dedication, Wealth Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Name: Lucy

Date: 7/1/2013

For the project of Usl-3, I’ve done a poster about Marina. I have gathered all the different phrases and words and stick it on the poster and done a presentation about Marina. In the poster that I did, I mentioned how Marina changed before and after she lived with Anna. I found out that I mentioned quite many details about Marina changed, thus I decided to choose the new her for my essay, and dedication and willingness are my main theme. In the following essay, I will talk why chose these two words for my main theme. Marina had a huge different before she lived with Anna and after she lived with Anna. Before she lived with Anna, Marina was a lonely and rich woman. She was self- centered and arrogant, she thinks everyone must do what she told, no one can tell her what to do, even the one she close to. She, same as all the other wealthy people, lived in a house with her own garden and maid. However, Marina lived in a remote area, which shows that she was lonely and wanting to hide herself away. For my poster, the main theme is about how Marina changed after she lived with Anna. “Dedication and willingness” are the word that best suit her. Marina willing to give Anna all her money and even her own precious ring to Anna, in exchange for their survival, it is very unlikely if she was the “old” Marina. Marina’s willing to dedicate her energy just to take care of Mikhail and Kolya not only when Anna’s outside of the house but also when she’s inside of her house. To Anna, Marina was a useful ally, she can help her to take care of her family and also gave her money for supply that they need. Marina dedicated her youth to Anna’s family. She fed Kolya and Mikhail, read story to Mikhail, play with Kolya, help Mikhail with the dressing, she did anything to help Anna’s family and Mikhail. In the book, it mentioned that Marina is not the Marina anymore, she’s a new Marina. Even though Marina became a thin and old lady,...
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