The Short Story “a Bride Comes to Yellow Sky”

Topics: Marriage, Change Pages: 3 (1405 words) Published: October 11, 2011
The short story “A Bride Comes to Yellow Sky” focuses around Yellow Sky’s town martial, Jack Potter, during a time when many important changes are occurring in his life. In the story Potter is returning from a trip to San Antonio. He had gone there simply “to meet a girl he believed he loved” but while he was there he impulsively married her. Now bringing her home, Jack Potter is fearful of the changes this action signifies, and how it will be received by his friends in Yellow Sky. Yellow Sky has remained representative of the old west, and has perhaps resisted change longer than most areas, so he realizes that a major change such as his marriage might be received unfavorably. In the end however change is inevitable, and a short trip away from his home has caused many changes in Jack Potter, and in his life. The Changes with Potter seemed to have all started by his trip to San Antonio. A simple thing, such as a change in environment, and Potter’s actions changed dramatically. No longer under the watch of his friends and required to behave as he normally would, he feels “like a man hidden in the dark”, able to act as he would wish without anyone there to disapprove. Free of these social confines Jack goes ahead and “spurred by his sharp impulse” marries the girl he went to see just before returning to Yellow Sky. Potter realizes that his marriage will be very important to the people of Yellow Sky, and action that “could only be exceeded by the burning of the new hotel.” He starts to view this spontaneous action as if “he had committed and extraordinary crime”, as if he had victimized Yellow Sky by “bringing his bride before an innocent and unsuspecting community.” His feelings of fear and guilt are for bringing change to Yellow Sky, a town that knows him for being consistently the same. He feels as if he has betrayed a sense of duty that was expected of him, but without his townsfolk there he acted as he wished to. Later on the return trip home, Potter...
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