The Shining Horror Analysis

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  • Published : May 29, 2011
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The Shining Horror Analysis
The Shining directed by Stanley Kubrick is a phenominal movie. Stanley Kubrick made this movie with no coinsedences. The main character, Jack Torrence, agrees to watch the Overlook hotel in the winter. Over his time there he goes insane, almost like Norman Bates from Psycho is insane. Also throughout the movie there is a ton of red, white, and blue. This movie is under the suspense unit, but some can argue that it is horror.

There are many themes throughout the shining that people notice while watching. One theme we see is Claustrophobia, the fear of being alone. The Overlook hotel is a massive building, and it somehow manages to appeal elements of claustrophobia. The enormity of the property becomes frightening, madness and danger seems to lurk around every corner. The enclosed hallways and hotel rooms create a sense of isolation and suffocating danger. Another theme we see is Jacks problem with alcohol throughout the movie. Jack really starts to go insane when he meets the bartender who is aghost, and he starts to drink again. Because of Jacks drinking problem, it is tearing their family apart. Another present theme throughout the movie is the killing of the Indians. The Overlook is built on top of an Indian burial ground, “and some have interpreted the repeated rivers of blood to represent all those who died at the hands of the white man” (Odd Films Blog). Many shots in this movie have an Indian in them, for example in the kitchen when they are looking at the food, the chef takes two cans down from the shelf, and one has an Indian on it. In the last scene we see a picture taken of Jack on July 14, 1921. One can interpret this as celebrating the rise of our country and the fall of the Indian people.

Even though this movie is classified as suspense, one can argue that it falls under the horror genre. In this movie we have fear of the unknown. We don’t know if things are going to pop out or whats going to happen next. Another...
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