The Shining Book Report

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  • Published : December 1, 2011
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The Shining
By Stephen King

10. What did you see happening in the work? Paraphrase it – retell the major events.

In The Shining, A man named Jack Torrance, his wife Wendy, and his son Danny, are all moving to the Overlook hotel because Jack took a job as a caretaker there. Danny has what some people call a “shine” where he can hear the thoughts of other people and see the future. At the Overlook, an African-American chef named Dick Hallorann warns Danny about the Overlook, telling him it’s dangerous and to stay away from certain places, like room 217. Everyone in the hotel leaves, and the Overlook is snowed in for he winter. Jack, a writer/college professor, is revealed to be an alcoholic who was fired from his previous job for showing up drunk. Jack uncovers a scrapbook in the basement, full of dark secrets from the Overlook’s past. Jack slowly begins to walk down the path of insanity. He disables the snowmobiles, and destroys the CB radio, their only source of communication. Danny is attacked by a ghost in room 217, even though he wasn’t supposed to go there, and also sees blood and brain parts on the walls of other rooms. Wendy wakes up one morning to find Jack drunk, even though there was no alcohol in the entire hotel, she checks, and somehow, the bar is fully stocked. Wendy becomes worried about hers and Danny’s safety, so she locks Jack inside the pantry, which pushes him over the edge. Danny uses the shine to send a message to Hallorann, telling him to come help. Dick heads towards the Overlook. The hotel has officially gotten a mind of own, and unlocks the door for Jack. Jack takes a roque mallet and waits for Wendy in the lobby. Wendy comes downstairs, and Jack attacks her. She stabs him, and he says ”You killed me you *****. I’ll kill you for that.” Jack continues after Wendy, and then hears the sound of Dick Hallorann on a snowmobile outside so he heads after Danny, his main target. Danny heads...
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