The Shining

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Thesis Paper

Every actor or actress must portray their character in the movie, which also includes all the characteristics. The actor or actress whether they are the primary character or not must still sell their presence to the audience. Sometimes the secondary character catches the readers attention more that the main character. In the 1980 film of The Shining directed by Stanley Kubrick, based on a novel by Stephen King, use the actors and actresses in the film to portray the characters in novel that demonstrates the effects of isolation on a family with an evil spirit present to influences the father to drive him into insanity. The director also used lighting and dialogue to express the emotions and results at the end of the film.

The actor Jack Nicholson plays as Jack Torrance in the film and is good at acting like Jack from the novel. The actor is phenomenal because he portrays Jacks insanity and effects of alcohol towards his emotions. He was able to use the axe with such a brutality to show how the spirits were taking over. His facial expression was so demented that it proved to the audience that Jack has lost control and became mentally unstable. Especially when Wendy had found Jack’s play and had only one sentence repeated many times. Once the scene where Jack is at a party and then plotting to kill his family is the moment the audience knows that Jack lost his sanity. This actor’s facial expression during the attacking of his wife was incredible and he successfully inhabited Jack’s characteristics from the novel because in the novel Jack is viewed as a demented character. In the movie his face was sinister, his smile was frightening as he curved his lips and his eyes were black. As a film critic once stated, “he takes all those traits that have endeared him to us -- the smile, the cocked eyebrows, the ironic arrogance -- and mangles them into a madman's mask”(Ringel). Another film critic stated that, “Mr. Nicholson's Jack is one of his most...