The Shift of Economic Power from East to West

Topics: World War II, United States, Great Depression Pages: 3 (822 words) Published: February 18, 2013
The shift of economic power from east to west

In this essay I will talk about how the world power has shifted from the east to the west. If we see today’s modern world, we would be astonished and fascinated as to how the world power has shifted from the great east to the west. What are the main reason and factors that lead to the shift in the power?

Pardon me, if I have condemned the knowledge and thoughts of the great thinkers, but I am writing this essay with a limited knowledge of mine just for the academic purpose, and nothing more.

The world that we lived in has been shaped through the constant enumeration of events and activities which if we logically deduce are very fascinating. Though it might seem insignificant and historical to talk about the kings and their provinces of the ancient world, but it would be prejudice if we forecast our future by overlooking these facts.

As to my knowledge, of all the civilization of pre-modern world, the great power resided with china prior to 1500BC, which was then the Ming dynasty. This particular dynasty had bigger land mass, more modern and sophisticated technology along with the highest ethnic groups of that time. Even the westerners were very curious and incompetent in comparison to them. It is said that many of the discoveries that were introduced during the 18th and 19th century in the Europe were priory, enforced and eradicated by the Ming’s (i.e. paper currency, iron ore metallurgy, irrigation methodology, Ship building etc). The question comes as to why did they stop? If we see the history of china, it has always been a Confucian country with high bureaucracy. They were more secularist and rigid with the state policies. When they found that people were benefitting more from the trade and the new discoveries, which indirectly threatened the state policy they closed all the borders and ties, so as to be more self reliance, equal and improve their self dependency. China cut itself up...
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