The Shepard's Horn

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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The Shepherd’s Horn is a tale of hidden love, acceptance and forgiveness. Carl, our narrator begins his journey in the breathtaking valleys of Norway. As he travels down the Norwegian mountain lands he familiarizes himself with the deep tones of a shepherd’s horn sounding in the distance. Upon entering a valley he was warmly welcomed by his host, Thord, a broad-shouldered man with a lovely face. Thord led Carl to his home for a warm supper and nights rest. Through their conversation Carl came to discover that Thord, was a descendent of Harold Fairair and his lineage had remained unmixed. After a long night Carl was left to sleep. In the middle of the night, songs, now so close and audible, of the shepherd’s horns, awoke him. He ran to the window and listen hearing one horn call “How is Litan,” and the other distantly answer, “Litan is fine”. Carl’s curiosity allowed him no more sleep as he anxiously awaited an explanation of this mystery from Thord. When Thord appeared the next morning, as Ragnhild his daughter prepared breakfast, Carl jumped to ask him about the mystery horn. No sooner had the words left his mouth, he regretted them. Ragnhild shot him a pleading glance and turned as pale as could be. To Carl’s relief, Thord said he had not heard anything meanwhile Ragnhild snuck out unsteadily, giving him a painful glance. Carl’s driver arrived shortly. For the next eight days the moment remained in his thoughts. On his journey back to Christania, he came near the valley once again. Carl let his driver lead his horse when suddenly he hears the man raise his hand to his mouth and sing the same melody he’d once heard from the Shepherd’s horn. He jumped at the sound and spotted the tiny cabin his driver was calling to. Ignoring objections Carl made his way to the cabin only to find a connection he had presumed. In the cabin sat Ragnhild, leaning over a shepherd’s horn, with her child in arms. Carl was enlightened of the tangled love story of Ragnhild and...
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