The Shark Net

Topics: Robert Drewe, Individual, Psychology Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: March 26, 2013
What we, as individuals, perceive to be real; to actually exist, is both objective and subjective. Everyone’s perception of realism varies greatly; from friend to friend, neighbour to neighbour and even from parent to child. It is this perception of an individual’s reality that ultimately defines who they become. To define a person, it is often said that we should analyse their behaviour, as it is their behaviour that reflects their state of reality. A person’s behaviour may depend on their surroundings; the era in which they live, their social interactions or even their physical environment. The era in which they grew up, for instance, will adversely reflect on an individual by default as society forces their morals and beliefs of what is right - what is reality, onto them. There was once a time where it was the norm for women to take on and settle into their role as a housewife, and for men to go to work and be the sole provider of a family. Now, women have just as many expectations placed onto them career wise as men, and as a result, in general, women come off as more confident and independent as compared to being submissive and unsure, as was the case back in the day. Their behaviour clearly shows that their sense of reality has changed as society has progressed. In Robert Drewe’s memoirs, The Shark Net, he retells of his being dragged along to the sermon of evangelical Billy Graham, by his mother. Despite the pressure placed on him by his family, to conform to a life free from religious sin, sex and adultery, he rebels. Quite often is Drewe home late after liaisons with various females. His behaviour reflects a reality quite different to that of his Christian mother, a woman who he has been brought up by since birth. In this case, it is his rebelious behaviour that defines his perception of reality as a result of his relationship with his mother. But why did Drewe desire so greatly to rebel? The move from Melbourne to Perth was a substantial one for...
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