The Shang Dynasty

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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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The Shang dynasty, also known as Yin, was in power approximately from the years 1765 - 1027 B.C. According to the Chinese, the start of the Shang dynasty began when Tang, a man of great virtue and wisdom, overthrew the decadent emperor Kie. Kie was known to be the last man in the Hsia dynasty. The Shang Dynasty was the second hereditary dynasty in China. It lasted almost six hundred years with thirty-one kings and seventeen generations. The Shang used to be an old tribe that lived in the lower reach of the Yellow River. A very important part about the shang dynasty is their artifacts. The artifacts that go along with the history tell a story, and it is very close to their religions. One of their designs, have been in their dynasty for as long as it could be. The t’ao design, also known as that taotie design, is a historic piece of their spiritual virtues. The taotie characteristically consists of a zoomorphic mask in full face that may be divided, through the nose ridge at the center, into profile views of two one-legged beasts, or dragons, confronting each other. A ground pattern of squared spirals, the “thunder pattern” often serves as a design filler between and around the larger features of the design. The Shang taotie is a very popular design. Another culture that has very popular designs is the Pueblo Indian. Their pottery has made use of the market for ethnic art to express their artistic, religious and economic values. One remarkable thing about the interactions between these cultures is that each has been able to preserve much of its unique character.

On the left it shows a pueblo indian design, and on the right it shows a shang taotie. These are both very similar because a lot of work goes into them; a lot of designing and critiquing. But they are also very different because they are different textures and shapes. My “precious vessel” design is alike or related to the pueblo indians because it is very round and the top of it moves toward the...
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