The Shack

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  • Published : February 13, 2011
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The Shack

The title of the book I read is called The Shack. William Paul Young is the author. The number of pages the book has is 250.  The setting of the book is a shack where the character Missy, Mack’s young daughter was murdered. The novel revolves around the character Mack (Mackenzie Phillips) Nan, Papa- a large and stereotypical African-American woman, Jesus- a middle aged Jewish man, and Sarayu- a small and delicate Asian woman. A short plot summary of the book would be the main character Mackenzie Phillips gets invited to meet God in a shack by a note written to him, four before this his daughter was kidnapped and murdered. Everything from her murder pointed back to the place of the shack. Finally, Mack accepted the request and went to meet God at the shack. He ended up staying with God inside the shack for a few days and returns home a fully renewed man because of the conversations that he went through with God. God taught Mack a lot about forgiveness, love, and his feelings. Mack then had a driven will inside of him that made him want to go back to God and renew their relationship

I enjoyed this book because it left me feeling glad that I had read it. It is a book that reaches out to those people that loose touch with God and it makes them want to go back to Him. I felt like it made me want to mend every bit of my relationship with God. But in some of the parts I thought it didn’t always seem to be accurate biblically. Other than I liked that it showed the Trinity and how each part of it worked. Also I liked how God is so mighty and so awesome and that he is so forgiving. Last, I liked that it showed how much love God has for people in this world.
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