The Seven Miracles of Christ

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  • Published: August 16, 2008
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Throughout the New Testament are recounts of the miracles that Jesus performed to give proof that He was indeed the Son of God and the Messiah foretold of in the Old Testament. John chose to recount only seven of the many miracles that Jesus performed. He felt that these seven, more than any of the others, showed definitive proof that the Messiah, the Son of God, had come as promised. The First Miracle – John 2:1-11

The first of the seven miracles that John recounts is the turning of water into wine. John notes that this miracle marks the beginning of Jesus’ signs to His disciples and the world. Jesus and his mother are invited to a wedding during which the hosts run out of wine. When the servants come to Mary and tell her that the wine is all gone she turns to Jesus. Jesus does not immediately come to their aid but tells Mary that His time has not yet come referring to the hour just before His betrayal and crucifixion. (Laney, 1992, p.64) Mary tells the servants “Whatever He says to do, do it.” Jesus then tells the servants to fill several stone waterpots with water. Once they completed this He tells them to take some of it to the headwaiter. The headwaiter states that what he tasted was better than the wine that had been served earlier. Jesus had transformed the ordinary water into a fine wine. This miracle shows us how Jesus fulfills our human needs in the absence of resources. He shows us that when we run out of resources and are in need we can turn to Him and he will provide us with what we need. He also shows us that, just as he changed the ordinary water into fine wine, He changes us and our quality of life when we accept Him into our hearts and lives. The Second Miracle – John 4:46-54

The second miracle that is described in the Gospel of John involves the son of a nobleman. When Jesus comes out of Judea and into Galilee a nobleman comes to him asking for his help as his son was sick and dieing. Jesus’ initial response seems...
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