The Serengeti Plain

Topics: Lion, Mammal, Grassland Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Serengeti Plain
The Serengeti Plain is a huge national park that spans over 12,000 miles. It is located in Tanzania and southwestern Kenya. The landscape of the Serengeti is varied ranging from savannah to hilly woodlands to grass plains. The climate is generally hot and dry but when the rainfall is steady, vegetation shoots up everywhere. The varied landscape and hot and dry climate come together to form the natural habitat of Around 70 large animal species and over 700 bird species. The geography and climate of the Serengeti vary greatly from place to place. In the south, there are huge grasslands and plains. To the north are the savannahs, which have famous granite outcrops, called kopjes in them. To the north of the savannah lie the wooded hilly regions, which are home to elephants. The climate of the Serengeti plays a large factor in the habits of the animals that live there because of the limited rainfall and harsh heat and winds. Every year zebras and wildebeests make the largest overland migration from the southern plains to the northern in search of food and water. Many large mammals find the Serengeti to be their home such as elephants, hippos, zebras, wildebeests, lions, and rhinoceroses. An important part of the Serengeti Plain is the Ngaruroro conservation area which is home to over 27,000 animals. The Ngaruroro Crater is the most prominent part of the conservation area. Over 25,000 animals live in the Crater and all of the “big five” (rhinoceros, lion, leopard, elephant, and buffalo) live here as well. The crater plays host to almost every species of wildlife in Eastern Africa. Some of the problems with the Serengeti Plain include droughts and insects. Any time that there is a drought in the already dry Serengeti Plain, there is going to be problems. The greatest issue that droughts bring is in the effect on migrating animals. These animals expect to and have found fresh vegetation in the places where they migrate for centuries and...
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