The Selection of Communication Channels

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  • Published : October 19, 2010
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Selecting Communication Channels: Exercises 1-7 Page 46-47

1. As department manager, you to inform four members of a training session schedule for three weeks from now. * I would consider informing them through email or memo because it would be easier and convenient to email all four people to remind them about their session schedule. Also it would be inexpensively and emails could be saved on their email. Printing out provides permanent record if they wish to print it for themselves. 2. As assistant to the vice president, you are to investigate the possibility of developing work placement programs with several nearby colleges and universities. * Telephone call or face to face conversation would probably the best way to investigate to the possibility of developing work to a nearby colleges and universities. 3. You wish to send price quotes for a number of your products in response to a request from a potential customer in Taiwan. * I would definitely use Email. Emailing would be a lot quicker and inexpensively rather than sending it through mail. Mailing would cost a lot of money sending it through mail across the world and email wouldn’t cost a cent. The person would receive it right away and it would be no hassle, no fuzz. 4. You must respond to a notice from the Canada Revenue Agency insisting that you did not pay the correct amount for last quarter’s employee remittance. * Telephone call would be easier and you can quickly let the Canada Revenue Agency know about your problem or concern regarding for the amount they did not pay. Face to face conversation would be an option too if it’s more convenient for the person to do so. 5. As a manager, you must inform am employee that continued tardiness is jeopardizing her job. * Face to face conversation would be the more appropriate thing to do. Informing the employee the bad news and telling she’s putting her job on the line. A letter

6. Members of your task force must meet...
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