The Seddon Model

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The Seddon Model

The Delone and Mclean model does not provide any empirical validation of its method and suggests the need for further refinement and empirical validation. Seddon in 1997 proposed an alternate model that focuses on the variance aspects of the interrelationships among the taxonomic categories. This Model ,considers three classes of interrelated variables :measures of information and system quality ,general measures of net benefits of IS use, and behavior with respect to IS use.

A principal difference between Seddon’s and Delone-Mclean’s model is in the definition and interpretation of IS use. Seddon Model considers IS use to be the behavior that reflects an expectation of net benefits from using an information system and therefore considers it a resulting behavior of IS success. Therefore IS use as a behavior is separated out from the IS success model, and IS related behavior is modeled as caused by IS success. The first two classes of interrelated variables measures of information and systems quality and perceptions of net benefits of IS use constitute the IS success model, while a third class of variables focusing on IS use constitutes the partial behavior model of IS use.


The Various constructs used in the Model are described in the following paragraphs.

Systems Quality:- Systems quality is concerned with whether there are bugs in the systems ,the consistency of the user interface ,ease of use ,security and access control, flexibility, open standards , robustness , quality of documentation , and the quality and maintainability of the program code.

Information Quality :- information Quality is concerned with such issues as the relevance, timeliness ,authentication and accuracy of information generated by an information system for decision making .It is often said with respect to computer based information system that “Garbage in Garbage out”.

Perceived Usefulness: - It is about the perceptual indicator of the...
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