The Secret to Teen Power

Topics: Thing, Mind, Thought Pages: 3 (814 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Book Review 1
General Information
Title:The Secret to Teen Power
Author:Paul Harrington
Number of Pages:176
Date Started:17th November 2012
Date Finished:19th November 2012

Being an inspirational book, it talks about the importance of one’s mental determination can change the fate of one. The book, ‘revealing the “secret”’ of the universal law called ‘the law of attractions’, introduce us to the idea that all thing that ever happened to one is the result of one’s thoughts or acts before. According to the author, the law means that ‘like attracts like’ – if you think grey, you attracts bad things; and if you think positive, you attract happy things. With all the other ideas all based on this theory, I’ve listed some of the important ideas of the book below. The book noted that setting a goal to follow as the most utmost important thing to do if one wants to achieve a gaol. Another note is that appreciation is the basis to achieve your goal. Without appreciating and understanding what you have already got (that’s your capital to gain you success), you can never get what you want. The most emphasised point is, however, to ‘ask, believe and receive’. To get what you want, that’s to ‘receive’ what you ‘ask’, the first thing to do is to ‘ask’ for it. It may seem simple, but many doesn’t dare even to ‘ask’ for what they want, let alone achieving their goal. The next thing is to believe that you have already got the thing you want, to create a ‘vibe’ to ask for the thing you want. The author, putting it in a figure of speech, says that it’s like changing the channel on the TV or radio, for your favourite channel, but only that the remote control is your thought – the energy you sent out by you thought. The belief, or ‘vibe’, as the author calls it, gives us confidence to accomplish our goal. And finally, you can get your reward and ‘receive’ what you want. It would have been quite a job to stuff all the points in the book into this book review,...
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