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The Secret of the South, Southern Writers After World War Ii

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The Secret of the South, Southern Writers After World War Ii

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- many talented writers emerged after 2WW
Allen Tate Truman Capote
John Crowe Ransom Harper Lee
Robert Penn Warren Flennery O‘Connor
Tennessee Williams William Styron
Eudora Welty Walker Persy
Carson McCullers
- the Southern Renaissance

ROBERT PENN WARREN (24.4.1905 - 15.9.1989)

- he was born in Guthrie, Kentucky as a son of businessman and teacher - he was poet, novelist, dramatist, historian, critic - together with A.Tate and J.C.Ransom introduces “a new criticism” = they stressed the analysis of the text himself. They were not interested in author´s life, in period when it was written, they interested just in the text. Their new criticism was badly attacked. Sometimes they are called “Fugitives” – according to their magazine. All these writers had a centre in Vanderbilt university in Nashville in Tennessee. They wrote about rural characters in the South. - he depicts life of politicians

- he wrote both poetry and novels
- in his fiction he returns to the politics and morality of the purely human world “Night Rider” (1939)
- his first novel that way published

“All The King‘s Men” (1946)

- his best novel is about the misuse of great political power in a democratic society. It tells the story of a Southern politician who wants to do good, but becomes power mad. This is what finally destroys him. The main hero, Will Stark, is based on real politician of Louisiana (Huey Long who was assassinated) Narrator was Jack Burden – one of Stark’s King Men

- Idealistic men full of promises
- Stark wins and becomes totally different person, gets rid of politically uncomfortable people Jack does the dirty work – one of his task is to find something about very honest man – judge (incorruptible man) – he makes this judge commits the suicide Jack finds out that judge was his father...

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