The Secret Men Won't Admit, Male Depression

Topics: Unemployment, Great Depression, Business cycle Pages: 4 (1304 words) Published: April 26, 2011
16 September 2010
Intro. To Phycology Sec. 1

The Secret Men Won’t Admit
Real men don’t need help. Boys, in societies all around the world, are taught to become strong independent men. Males are typically raised to be tough. Growing up boys consider their peers weak for expressing emotions like crying, sadness, or withdraw. This method in raising our country’s young men has developed one of the nation’s fastest growing undiagnosed diseases, male depression. Because of this installed fear of appearing weak, males fail to recognize and much less admit that they might be facing depression.

Historically, this idea is seen in many countries throughout time. Men are raised to be leaders, soldiers, fathers, providers, and protectors all over the world. When the United States was formed, the men of the country held all power. It was not until the 20th century that women and men begin to receive some equal rights. Even though women and men can hold the same responsibilities and positions in today’s society, the idea of being a strong responsible independent man is still a very important factor in a man’s ego. When only men shared the rights of the country it was much easier for men to appear strong and responsible because women were not performing the same task as them. Now that men must share the power and rights, it is more difficult for them to find areas where they can independently thrive as a man. As a result there has been a significant increase in the male depression rate. In an article about adult men depression, Dr. Goulston explains that men do not view reaching out for help as an option during a time of depression. In this article, Dr. Goulston also states, “This is also due to their belief that power is measured by how many people you need (the rugged individual image) and weakness correlates to how many people you need.” Men strongly fear giving someone the impression that they could be considered weak so in return, fail to seek any help when they...
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