The Secret Lion

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  • Published : February 2, 2006
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Every author has his or her own style of writing. Some may focus on one specific genre, such as suspense, comedy, romance, adventure and etc. Some authors will dabble into a few different areas in every book he writes. Many authors have the ability to create a story where the reader can p ut himself into the situation and make the story become lifelike. By doing this, many authors are able to grasp the readers attention, and keep the reader in suspense, and make it difficult for the reader to put the book down. Some authors will spend a lot of time focusing on a certain setting or situation, which allows the reader to create an image in their mind and truly grasp the feeling or atmosphere the author is trying to create throughout the story. Many times, they will make the primary focus on the ?????? and the story leaves the environment up to the reader to picture what he or she thinks the setting is. Many of times the reader is left to figure out what time period a certain books setting is in, or how old a certain character is, only trying to figure this out with minimal clues the author reveals.

After reading "The Secret Lion", I was blown away by how much time was spend in describing more of the setting and characters rather than just telling a story about what popele are doing. The whole time I was reading the story I was forced to picture it, the story became extremely lifelike and visible to me. The story describes almost every intricate detail, except the time period. At times he even tricked you into figuring out where the kids were eating lunch by where they were placing the coke can.

The story is about two buddies in junior high, 12 years old to be exact. After class they would go places they weren't suppose to, the arrogo, on the other side of the highway. There, they would scream loudly to hear their echoes, and talk about girls. They would scream good things about the teachers they "loved' and bad things about the teachers they...
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